Xbox Game Pass: Four More Day-One Launches Coming This Month

Microsoft has unveiled the second batch of Game Pass additions for September, along with some titles arriving in early October, and there are noteworthy games on the horizon. In total, there are four brand-new releases available on Game Pass from day one during the latter half of September.

The Pinocchio-inspired game with Souls-like gameplay, Deceptions of P, is now accessible on Game Pass. It has garnered generally positive reviews, including an 8/10 Deceptions of P review on GameSpot, and is a day-one new release on Game Pass. Another day-one release is the whimsical battle royale game Party Animals (September 20), where players can embody animals and engage in battles until only one individual or team remains victorious.

Yet another day-one new release, Payday 3, arrives on September 21. This is the latest installment in the cooperative first-person shooter series with a heist theme, featuring robberies across New York City. Lastly, a fourth day-one new release is Cocoon (September 29), the most recent creation from Jeppe Carlsen, the lead designer of Limbo and Inside. This eerie puzzle game showcases “world-leaping” game mechanics.

Microsoft has also disclosed some titles coming to Game Pass in October, including the Batman game Gotham Knights (October 3) and the day-one new release The Lamplighter’s League (October 3).

Additionally, there are several games departing from the Game Pass catalog in September. When considering the additions and removals combined, the Game Pass library will be losing nine games in September.

September has already witnessed the launch of Microsoft’s most significant Game Pass release of 2023, Starfield, and Microsoft introduced Game Pass Core, making it an eventful month for the catalog and the broader Xbox ecosystem.

However, there may still be surprises in store for the remainder of September, as Microsoft has informed fans to anticipate Game Pass announcements at its Tokyo Game Show event on September 21.

Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 Additions

Available now

  • Deceptions of P — console, cloud, PC

September 20

  • Party Animals — console, cloud

September 21

  • Payday 3 — console, cloud, PC

September 29

  • Cocoon — console, PC

October 3

  • Gotham Knights — console, cloud, PC
  • The Lamplighter’s League — console, cloud, PC

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