Huge Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Wil Let You Clean Your Filthy Crew Up Between Adventures

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a fresh update, and similar to numerous previous patches, this is an extensive compilation of minor adjustments and enhancements to improve the overall gaming experience. One notable feature is the ability to utilize sponges and soaps to eliminate general dirt, blood stains, and other unsightly marks from your party members, ensuring they remain in impeccable condition for their next quest.

Other notable changes include Scratch’s improved fetching behavior, where he will now fetch items for you without any limitations, guards no longer detecting your presence when you attack someone while invisible, and the option to customize the appearance of newly recruited party members. In terms of accessibility, a new color-blind mode has been introduced, specifically designed for individuals with protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia color blindness. Once activated, this mode will make it easier for players to differentiate between factions, portrait frames, character outlines, and more.

Deceased avatars can now be dismissed to Withers’ Wardrobe, certain quests will now be properly closed, and NPCs will no longer defy the laws of physics by shooting at you through solid objects and surfaces. The complete patch notes can be found by following the link provided, or you can check out the most significant changes below from Larian Studio’s Steam page.

In other news related to Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios confirms that they are still on schedule to release the game on Xbox Series X|S before the end of the year.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch No. 4 Notes


  • Dead avatars can now be dismissed to Withers’ Wardrobe. Withers will also provide an explanation of how the wardrobe functions.
  • Customize the appearance of hired companions during recruitment.
  • Color-blind mode: Added a setting in the Accessibility tab that allows players to choose between protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia. This setting affects the colors used to differentiate factions and relations, map and minimap icons, portrait frames, character outlines, and circles.


  • Improved Scratch’s fetching behavior, allowing him to fetch a wide range of items.
  • Archfey warlocks now have the intended choice of cantrip at Level 4.
  • Updated the mechanics of Speak with Dead, allowing players to cast the spell again if no questions were asked during the initial casting.
  • Knowledge Domain clerics will now correctly gain ‘Channel Divinity: Read Thoughts’ at Level 6, Nature Domain clerics will gain ‘Dampen Elements’, and Trickery Domain clerics will gain ‘Channel Divinity: Cloak of Shadows’.
  • When purchasing a statue from Boney in the circus, players can now choose to have it resemble their character in full equipment, camp clothes, or naked.
  • Scratch’s ball will now be more difficult to lose. If the ball is lost, players can visit Scratch at camp to potentially retrieve it. (Ball warranty is void in the event of chasm-related accidents.)
  • Added a controller option to require a hold instead of a tap for the End Turn button.
  • Fixed the issue where the Enemy of Justice condition would sometimes apply incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where assaulting someone while invisible would still cause a guard to detect the player and initiate a dialogue if there was a civilian nearby.
  • Halsin will no longer transform into a bear before speaking to the player in Act I.
  • Added more autosaves in various locations, including the Shadow-Cursed Lands, Wyrm’s Crossing, and Lower City.
  • Licking the hunk of spider meat in the Gauntlet of Shar may cause illness. It is advised to listen to Gale’s advice.
  • Players can now read the recipe for the Emperor’s favorite soup.
  • Use sponges and soaps to clean party members, removing dirt, blood, and unpleasant odors!


  • Cazador now remembers that he can transform into mist and fly, preventing him from perishing if he falls into a chasm.
  • Fixed the issue where enemies would sometimes only perform Dash and movement actions during combat.
  • Fixed the issue where certain NPCs could shoot through floors and ceilings. They have promised to play fair.


  • Mol has been instructed to be more polite and express gratitude if the player saves Mirkon from the Harpies. This will properly conclude the quest.
  • Improved multiplayer support for the post-celebration night in Act I, allowing all avatars to choose their preferred companion.
  • Lae’zel will no longer make comments in Act III as if the player is still in the earlier stages of the adventure.
  • Blocked certain quest updates for Jaheira’s quest to avoid spoiling major revelations if players choose to skip certain parts.
  • The Gur will now provide support in the endgame if their questline was peacefully resolved in Cazador’s Lair.
  • If Avatar Gale or a Tav with Gale as a recruited companion is present during the encounter with the elder brain in the Colony, they will be given priority as the active speaker in Gale’s origin moment dialogue.
  • Added new dialogue options for Minsc when he learns about the connection between the Dark Urge and Gortash.
  • Connor will now disappear if Mayrina decides to destroy the Hag Wand. Players can also speak to him if he is resurrected with the wand.
  • Yenna will now correctly return to camp after a companion is abducted.
  • Gale will no longer complain about making a deal with Raphael if the player hasn’t done so.


  • Tweaked the color of the Potion of Mind Reading to differentiate it from Potions of Healing.


  • Added new idle animations and behaviors for Minthara, Halsin, Shadowheart, and Lae’zel at camp.
  • Karlach will now appear more lively while idle in camp instead of simply standing still.


  • Customize the selected solution in the second slot of the Alchemy panel.
  • Added map markers to indicate when characters want to speak with the player.
  • Added unique map icons for the Magic Mirror and Withers’ Wardrobe.
  • Improved the Skills section of the Character Sheet, including icons for individual skills, stars to indicate Proficiency and Expertise in certain skills, and enhanced skill tooltips.
  • Combat rounds are now displayed und

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