Director Elden Ring is already working on his next game

Elden Ring

By the way From Software is already finishing work on another title. We may get more information about it soon.

Elden Ring is still selling like hotcakes, but its director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is already working on his next venture. Interestingly, his studio's other title is in a fairly advanced stage of development, which means that the release may not be at all particularly far off.

Miyazaki revealed in an interview a few years ago that From Sofware is preparing two titles in parallel – both undisclosed at the time. One turned out to be Elden Ring, and what the second venture is? This is unknown for now, although, according to Miyazaki, it is in the "final stages of production". The interviewee himself is also working on something new.

"I'm already working on my next title as a director, so I'd like to avoid saying too much… In the medium or further term, I would like to work on a more abstract fantasy than I have done so far.".

"As I mentioned earlier, we are developing several titles, and they are being done by directors other than me. In addition, I'm also working on my new game, but we're not at the stage of sharing details yet. Sorry, but we need more time.".

Miyazaki's latest work, Elden Ring, debuted in February 2022. For now, we don't know exactly what From Software is working on, but as soon as any information comes out, you'll know about it. For now, take a peek at Elden Ring – read our review and remember to check the hardware requirements.

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